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Manchaca Vol. 2

by Boogarins

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Portugese: Começa em você, todo dedo sujo aponta encontra um eu Preso, dando urros Louco pra se soltar Uns fingem sem ver No desande a vida é outra, um outro eu Vira absurdos Louco pra se soltar O buraco negro dos erros Só deixa sobras, é... A verdade nua e crua Nunca mais volta, né? English: It starts with you, every dirty finger points find me Stuck, howling Crazy to get out Some pretend without seeing But outside life get another meaning, another me search for absurdities Crazy to get out The black hole of errors It only leaves leftovers, yeah ... The bare truth Never come back, right?
Portugese: Correndo em fúria Contra toda essa angústia Talvez o destino é um alívio Que a muito tempo eu perdi Já chamo de casa o corre Mas sinto falta do aqui Talvez o caminho é um aviso Que a muito tempo eu ouvi Nem tudo que bate é forte E as vezes dói pra sorrir English: Running in rage Against all this anguish Perhaps fate is a relief That a long time ago I lost I already call the rush as home But I miss being here. Perhaps the path is a warning That I heard a long time ago Not everything that hits is strong And sometimes it hurts to smile.
Você sabe muito A força do seu brilho é a vaidade A força do seu riso é a vaidade Você se sente dono da verdade A sua opinião tem peso de verdade Mas você sabe muito english: You know a lot The strength of your brilliance is vanity The strength of your laughter is vanity You feel like you own the truth Your opinion weight as true You are a know-all
Basic Lines 04:30
Basic Lines Are like zig zag roads Blowing in my mind With things that you said Once is twice And If I go Back to basic lines With things that you said And my innocence I lost and think I will never dream again
Nem te achava No meio de tanto cobertor. E apertava Os ossinhos com calor. Pra te contar, Não me jogar Do abismo Que é o simples medo de falar. Frio na língua, Nó na barriga Tudo acontece, Eu já não sei o que é. Um grande bobo Medo Louco, sem gosto, Sem freio e sem fim. Um grande bobo Medo frouxo, sem gosto Sem começo, meio e fim. english: I couldn’t find you In the middle of so much blanket. And pressed The bones with heat. To tell you, Don't throw me From the abyss That is the simple fear of speaking. Cold on the tongue, Knot in the belly Everything happens, I don't know what it is anymore. A great fool Crazy Fear, no taste, Without brakes and without end. A great fool Loose, tasteless fear Without a beginning, middle and end.
Rolê Torto Hoje Eu vi Um Louco/Doido/Bobo tentando comer a cabeça do(s) outro(s) english: A Weird hanging out Today I saw A Crazy / Silly one trying to eat the head of someone else
Derramado 04:00
Portugese: É, tem quem quer me cegar É, talvez eu já não queira mais ver Vou voar É, estar bem já é, sei lá É, talvez eu só queira ter pra comer e pra queimar Eu gozo da vida e às vezes deixo ela me gozar Sou fera ferida mas também posso te machucar. Eu puxo a minha brisa mas sempre deixo ela me levar To pronto pra briga mas também posso te acalmar. Derramado de novo, Eu. Sempre quero mais. English: Yeah, there are those who want to blind me Yeah, maybe I don't want to see it anymore I will fly Yeah, being well is already, I don't know Yeah, maybe I just want to have to eat and burn I get fun from life and sometimes I let her make fun of me I'm a wounded beast but I can also hurt you. I pull my breeze but I always let her take me away I'm ready to fight but I can also calm you down. Spilled again, me. I always want more.
Eixão 02:34
Portugese: Lá de cima Eu já previa Nessa cidade Não vou voltar. Eixão Só de imaginar Se essa rua fosse minha Eu mandava Ladrilhar Eixão Só de imaginar English: From above I already predicted In this town I will not come back. Eixão Just by imagining If this street were mine I will sent Tiling Eixão Just by imagining
Você sabe muito Você sabe muito Suas ideias sempre geniais Suas opiniões são contra o óbvio Suas brigas sempre tão superficiais Sua ignorância é algo sólido Você sabe muito Você sabe muito Você é grande, alto, forte cheio de voz Mas ainda tão longe de nós É maluco pensar que em pleno 2020, Ninguém mais existe A não ser você Você sabe muito Você sabe muito Sua verdade é sempre tão ideal Mas o som da sua voz é tão sórdido A mentira é força da sua moral Sua fé vem dos deuses do Ódio Você sabe muito Você sabe muito English: You know a lot You know a lot Your ideas are always great Your views are against the obvious Your fights are always so superficial Your ignorance is like a solid feeling You know a lot You know a lot You are big, tall, strong full of voice But still so far from us It's crazy to think that in the middle of 2020, No one else exists Unless you You know a lot You know a lot Your truth is always so ideal But the sound of your voice is so nasty Lying is the strength of your morals Your faith comes from the gods of hate You know a lot You know a lot
Supernova 04:11
Portugese: Eu sou seu sol, Seu céu, seu mar E outras ondas O que você disser que não, eu sou. Eu me libertei da dor E agora, eu sou as coisas O que você disser que não, eu sou. Se tudo está solto O que resta é eu me juntar O novo é qualquer lugar Se tudo está pronto O que resta é eu inventar O novo é qualquer lugar Se o outro está frouxo O que resta é eu me entregar O novo é qualquer lugar Se tudo está solto O que resta é eu me juntar O novo é qualquer lugar O novo é qualquer lugar. English: I am your sun, Your sky, your sea And other waves Whatever you say no, I am. I freed myself from the pain And now, I am things Whatever you say no, I am. If everything is loose What remains is for me to join The new is anywhere If everything is ready What remains is for me to invent The new is anywhere If the other is loose What remains is for me to surrender The new is anywhere If everything is loose What remains is for me to join The new is anywhere The new is anywhere.
Meto o loco 03:50
Meto o loco, meto o loco e vou atrás Do que não posso ser Mas isso, mas isso me satisfaz E eu não consigo ver É um vício, um vício que me traz paz É torto mas é normal Talvez a dor seja um sinal Um outro de outro mesmo mal Talvez dores, muitas dores, Ou nada que tem a ver comigo Um grande nada, mesmo nada Ou tudo além do seu umbigo. English: Meto o loco, meto o loco and I go after From what I can't be But this, but it satisfies me And I can't see It's an addiction, an addiction that brings me peace It's crooked but it's normal Maybe the pain is a sign Another from another same evil Maybe pain, a lot of pain, Or nothing to do with me A big nothing, even nothing Or everything beyond your belly button.
I want you far, unscathed if black and white is your only way I want you long and safe fear spread a far cry sensible she got along away as dark and light were her only taste I want her long and safe safe in the margins she reduced I want you long and well words spread a far cry sensible I want you far and safe sense my desire-iridescent ran through the puddles, manic rain shined echoes of bubbles pop in my mind I want you long and safe


Boogarins, Benke Ferraz (Guitarist and Producer), Dinho Almeida (Guitar and Voice), Raphael Vaz (Bass, Synthesizers, and Voice), and Ynaiã Benthroldo (drums), formed in 2013 and have spent the last 7 years playing non-stop shows at festivals and rock clubs all over the world. With live music on hold, the band has taken the opportunity to host live streams, remixes and collaborate with other artists, and revisit past work.

Manchaca Vol. 2, the second half of a series of archival releases, focuses on Boogarins' approach to improv-based songwriting and studio collaboration. The album combines songs fromthe recording sessions of Lá Vem a Morte (OAR, 2017) / Sombrou Dúvida (OAR, 2018) made in Austin, TX between 2016-2017 with pre-production / rehearsal sessions for Sombrou Dúvida, held in 2017 at the Fábrica de Sonhos studio in São Paulo.

Songs like "Correndo em Fúria" and "Meto o Loco" are based on improvisations made during the recording of the short "Boogarins at Casa das Janelas Verdes" (2017). Rerecorded by the band in Austin, TX, they were refined and given new arrangements and sound textures.

Also recorded in Austin, TX, are "Derramado," "Debaixo do Cobertor," "Supernova," and "Basic Lines" (a song in English, composed in the early days of the band, but never recorded), are beautiful and peculiar songs, that started as studio sessions, but were finished little by little. These tracks are perfect examples of how the Boogarins' sound identity flourishes in the most diverse forms, rhythms, and music styles.

From the São Paulo sessions that were intended as pre-production, the group offers improvised illuminated moments like "Rolê Torto" and "vc sabe mto" and also more structured songs like "Começa em Você." The only track recorded entirely at home is Raphael Vaz's beautiful tribute to Goiânia, "Eixão", where nostalgic feelings, immersed in ethereal sounds and guided by his sweet voice, take the listener to a place called home.

"Far and Safe" (an English version of Boogarins' song "Te quero longe") closes the record and shines a spotlight on the band's love of musical collaboration. "Far and Safe" had the lyrics reformulated by John Schmersal (Brainiac, Enon, Vertical Scratchers, and Caribou) and is wonderfully sung by Erika Wennerstrom (Heartless Bastards). Boogarins invited even more people into their sonic world by letting some of the audio engineers that have done live sound for the group over the years mix tracks on the album, including Alejandra Luciani, Bernardo Pacheco, and Renato Cunha.

Manchaca Vol. 2 is not a compilation of unfinished and unreleased tracks but an album full of life that moves beyond psychedelia and celebrates the great cultural chimera that is the basis of Brazilian pop music.


released April 9, 2021

All songs by Benke Ferraz, Dinho Almedia, Raphael Vaz and Ynaiã Benthroldo

Except 12, where lyrics are by John Schmersal

Tracks 2, 4, 5, 7, 10, 11, and 12 were recorded in 2017/2018 at Space Studio, Austin, TX
Engineered by Tim Gerron
Assistant engineering by Michael Pierce
Produced by Gordon Zacharias with arrangements and production by Benke Ferraz

Tracks 1, 3, 6 and 9 recorded in 2017, at Fábrica Dos Sonhos, São Paulo, Brazil
Engineered by Bernardo Pacheco
Produced by Benke Ferraz

Track 8 recorded and produced by Raphael Vaz

Tracks 2, 4, 5, and 11 mixed by Benke Ferraz
Tracks 1, 3, 6, and 9 mixed by Bernardo Pacheco
Tracks 7, 8 and 12 mixed by Alejandra Luciani
Track 10 mixed by Renato Cunha

Vocals on Track 12 by Erika Wennerstrom and John Schmersal

Mastered by Dan Milice


all rights reserved



Boogarins Goiânia, Brazil

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